Dump Time: Random Things I found


Ouici – “The Farewell”

Abra, Father, & Ethereal – “STYX”

Iggy Azalea feat Rita Ora – Black Widow (Hipshaker & Ken Roll Remix)

18+ – All The Time

JOSIAHWISESERPENTWITHFEET – “Solipsist (Prod. Sean Paulsen)”

pizza boy. – no tip necessary.

Confessions Of A Glue Addict

Sooooo, right now my favourite show to watch has been Glue on E4 over in England. I started it knowing nothing, and now, I’m obsessed. I kept saying it had the same feel as This Is England ’86 (one of my favourite shows ever) only to find out Glue‘s creator and writer Jack Thorne wrote on This Is England ’86 too. I also noticed it had Jordan Stephens from the group Rizzle Kicks in it. Press releases were as follows:

The show follows what happens when a young boy is found dead underneath the wheels of a tractor in the sleepy village of Overton. As his friends’ secrets slowly come spilling out, the race is on to find out what really happened…

The show is phenomenal: it’s well written, well acted, and visually ethereal. But the reason I’m writing about it here is the fact the music is great too. Three episodes have aired so far. And with each episode, I have walked away checking out a new song online. Episode one reintroduced me to Yellow Ostrich’s older song Hate Me Soon. I had been meaning to write about their song Whale in May but never got around to it. Episode two shared Ibeyi’s Oya which I found I overlooked on a friend of mine’s blog back in June. And yesterday’s episode introduced me to Nick Mulvey’s beautiful Fever To The Form. Nick was part of the 2008 Mercury Prize nominated band Portico Quartet.

I have attached the three songs after the jump. But first you have to check out the trailer for this show. Even the trailer play’s Alt-J’s new Hunger For The Pine.

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Hoodie Allen Drops The Visuals For Act My Age, Yet Another Song Off People Keep Talking

“”Act My Age” is like my Blink182/Sum41 song on this album, in the sense that it pairs quick & bouncy raps with more of a pop-punk sounding production. The song is an anthem for kids everywhere who are at a stage in their lives where they just want to have fun, even if they should really be acting like adults already!

The video is shot from my first person point of view–you see me navigate my way through a frat party, only for it to be broken up by the police. After stealing a cop car and ending up at a late night pool party, the party continues, but not without a fight, falling into the pool and a twist ending.”

Yelawolf “Till It’s Gone”

Yelawolf premiered his newest single on Sons of Anarchy earlier this week.
Though a different style than his normal, it still has that spit fire lyrics that one expects from him.
Be sure to catch him on tour right now.
I’m sure you’d catch some other new songs.
His second studio album Love Story is due out before the end of the year.

The Next Big Thing, Jon Bellion, Is One To Watch. And He’s Giving His New Album Out For Free Today!!!

This has been an album I’ve been waiting on for some time now. I really think this guy is going to be huge. While he’s crafted hits for Jason Derulo, Cody Simpson, Eminem and Rihanna he has alson been working on a solo career. He has written and produced all his solo endeavors including Translations Through Speakers and The Separation and this album The Definition is no exception. Jon Bellion himself said that this is his best work yet. You gotta check these out

Here’s his music video for his latest single too.




Lil Dicky’s “Lemme Freak” Video Is A Must Watch As It’s Flippin’ Hilarious!

Really nothing to be said except push play and enjoy the humorous Lil Dicky.

One To Watch: Mr. Sipp “The Mississppi Blues Child”

There are artists who transcend the expectations of everyone and break the molds of formulaic genres. Enter Mr. Sipp “The Mississippi Blues Child”. While I’ve never been one to say I love the blues, I do love music backed with a performer’s heart.

Last weekend, my family went to the Hot Springs Blues Festival where my 8 year old asked me what “the blues” were. (Take a minute and try to explain that one to yourself for a second.) Pretty sure I explained it as music that is backed with a lot of emotion where the songs typically deal with things that upset the singer and they have to let that emotion out or they’ll bust. I explained she should be able to feel really good blues. Boy was I in for a surprise. The first band we heard was Mr. Sipp “The Mississippi Blues Child”.

Just one song in, and both my wife and I were asking who’s this? The energy and heart that was pouring out was insane. Then during his set he took out into the audience to play literally among the people

He was in his element playing right there in front, beside, and all around people. The level that he was on was at an eleven. He even came over to me and my girls during his solo and cut the band off where he proceeded to serenade them with an impromptu Twinkle Twinkle Little Star before going right back into the song.

It was a crazy good show, which I highly recommend catching if he’s near you. He won last year’s International Blues Challenge (IBC) and was runner up the year before. I got a chance to talk to him after his show where he told me his band was together only 3 weeks before entering 2013’s IBC where he was runner up. He said the band only knew four songs then, and the crowd wanted an encore. These guys are truly on another level. Even the drummer said when they practice his level is always at a ten and that the rest of the band has to bring it just to match him.

Hit the jump to see more videos of Mr. Sipp including his winning performance at the 2014 International Blues Challenge.

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Labor Day Dump Time Featuring Fun Wolverine Fact


The Neighbourhood – H8M4CH1N3 (feat. Danny Brown)
To start us off we got a new one from The Neighbourhood off their experimental new mixtape #000000 & #FFFFFF due pretty soon. If this is indication of what’s to come, holy crap look out!!!

MisterWives – Reflections (Official Video)
MisterWives is one to watch. I guarantee you, soon they will blow up. They just released a 2nd video for their song Reflections. check more of there stuff here.

Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc ( TrapZillas Remix )
TrapZillas brought their A game on this classic.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps [Tommie Sunshine, CID & Modern Machines Remix]
Speaking of classics, Yeah Yeah Yeahs get a modern update of their classic Maps via a collar that started on instagram between Modern Machines and Tommie Sunshine.

Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora -Black Widow (Matsu x Niko Flores Remix)
One more remix to add to the already remixed galore Black Widow.

Magic! – Rude (Zedd Remix)
One of my daughter’s favourite songs right now remixed to 11.

Nicki Minaj – Anaconda (Bassel Remix)
If you’re like me and hate the end of Nicki Minaj’s new song Anaconda where she laughs like an idiot, this makes it a tenth of bit better. Plus, it’s remixed!!!

Yellow Claw – DKNY
Yellow Claw decided to take a Biggie classic and flip it upside down.

The Game – Don’t Shoot (ft. Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Diddy, Fabolous, Wale, DJ Khaled, Swizz Beatz…)
Another song inspired by Ferguson, Missouri but with a lot more rappers.

White Rappers Like To Drop Stuff At The Same Time

Many white college rappers dropped songs or visuals for songs the last couple days. While I have to keep telling people I know they are not all in college anymore, They still have that feel to them. It’s not a dig at them or the quality of music they play, rather a label (deserving or not) which states the obvious as well as conjures up feelings of optimism from when I was in college. But I digress. The caliber of songs here is short of amazing. First up is one of my favourites.

Hoodie Allen – Movie
After all the beef Hoodie Allen and Mike Stud had recently, Hoodie Allen drops the first single off the new, recently announced album “People Keep Talking”. Pre sales of his album have generated quite a rush as his album quickly rose to number 7 on the iTunes charts. If you don’t know Hoodie Allen, I highly recommend.

D-WHY – Feeling Myself
I was a little late to the D-WHY fan club. I felt something about his early work lacked. But he’s been consistently nurturing his craft and perfecting his bars. He’s already had the confidence and charisma shine in his songs. But now, it’s begging to feel as though he’s procuring a spot for himself and his name.

Cal Scruby – Justin Bieber Rapper Shit
Cal’s been on the scene now for two years or so, and recently is beginning to gain some traction with his singles Gold Coins and All For Ohio. This guy is one to watch for sure.

OnCue – So Much Love
I have been a fan of this guy’s since Leftovers. He dropped this song last week, but today dropped the visuals. His newest album is Angry Young Man and is due next week. On Cue has always impressed and this album has been highly anticipated by many.

Witt Lowry – Lay Here
So, you don’t know who Witt Lowry is? Let me explain. Witt Lowry is Witty. Not Witty funny, but Witty the rapper. He had to change his name due to legal issues. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve only heard a few songs of this guy when he was called Witty. But this one is nice.

Quick Dump To Free Up My Computer Includes Tropical House Remixes And Alternative R&B


Jack Garratt – Worry
Years & Years labeled Jack Garratt as future alt-r’n’b funk space shit.

Movement – Us
An Australian band who make some amazing R&B

John Mayer – Waiting On The World To Change (Scheinizzl Remix)
Who’s not a fan of John Mayer and summer? Put them both together and you can’t go wrong right? Quite the fun Tropical House song.

Alex Wiley – Vibration (Honest Remix)
Honest took one of my favorite Chicago rappers song and flipped it with that Tropical House Vibe.

OCD: Moosh & Twist (Ft. D-Pryde) – Get It Got It Go Remix

Blink 182 – What’s My Age Again (DotEXE Remix)
just a little old school dub step remix to an old school punk pop song

Grace Mitchell
Up and coming 16 year old from Portland, Oregon, who has the voice, control, and ability of someone much older.


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