If You Wanna Hear Every Song Taylor Swift Sings Mixed With Kanye West, Eminem, And Others


That’s right If you’re like my 8 year old daughter and obsessed with the machine that is Taylor Swift, you’re gonna love this remix. Even if you just like the gal, you’ll still think it’s fun. See what you think.

Kacy Hill Was Scooped Up By Kanye West And His G.O.O.D. Music Label


Back in September I found out about the 20 year old Arizona native when she released her amazing first single Experience

Well, turns out Kanye West was not gonna wait for someone to jump on this land mine of talent because just a couple of days ago he tweeted that he had added her to his arsenal of talent that is his G.O.O.D. Music Label. She’s a formal model who was asked to start a music project. Not a bad start. She might be one to watch. Hit the jump to see the music video for the lead single.

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Holy Crap! New Modest Mouse!

One of my favourite bands of all time are back with their new single Lampshades On Fire. God, I love these guys!


Purity Ring Back With Push Pull

I was super excited to see one of my favourite groups Purity Ring back after a year’s sabbatical with this amazing song. See what you think.


JohnLegend & Common’s Glory Is Quite A Powerful Statement!

Viceroy Takes R. Kelly’s classic Ignition And Gives It The “Jet Life” VIP Treatment

Oh, the memories this song brings back from college. Nice to see Viceroy hasn’t forgotten it either.

Taylor Swift Matched Up With The 1988 National Aerobic Championship Opening = WTF

For Your WTF Video Today: A Mascot Fight Club Via 3LAU’s We came To Bang

Seriously, the title says it all. You gotta see this one.

Riff Raff Teams Up With Collie Buddz And Snoop Dogg For A Reggae Single Yesterday

Here’s the newest Snoop Dogg…or Snoop Lion…or Snoop-a-Loop…whatever.

Jez Dior Brings The Fire With His Newest “Leather”


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