One To Watch: Gosh Pith

Gosh Pith. I don’t know more than what their Facebook account says, which is:
They’re from Detroit
Their sound is “Genre cosmic-trap / high-pop / blues”
Sometimes they have to sit in their car and mix/produce their songs because they don’t have expensive monitors to listen while they create their album…..!

But I can tell you this, their music is amazing. I haven’t been this excited about a new group in a while. The sound is unique and defies a simple genre. So I’m gonna start a new label for them: Sublimely Amazing. See if anyone else you know of falls into this category and you’ll know they stand by themselves. I even created a new category on my blog entitle sublimely amazing just for them. Super excited to see what this group brings next.

Dump Time!!! ALT-J, Ace Cosgrove, The Weekend, ASTRONOMYY And More.


To start us off is ALT-J’s video for Hunger Of The Pine. Quite the crazy video for the beautiful song.

Jane Tyrrell’s Wild Waters is just an amazing female vocal song that builds and wraps you up in it.

Ace Cosgrove’s is a new young rapper from Maryland. Though he’s not one of XXL’s freshmen rappers this year, just you wait. While you’re waiting, dig his War Wounds.

No introduction really needed for new The Weekend other than the song’s title is King Of The Fall.

Next, a couple of new songs from ASTRONOMYY who has a new album dropping July 28th. I have big hopes for this guy. One of my favorite songs to listen to still is his song Things I’d Do For You. So here’s two off his upcoming album and my favourite.

Jucy J, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dola $ign And Kill The Noise Join Vanilla Ice’s Legacy With A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Theme Song

Weezer Wants To Take Me Back To The Shack With Their New Song

With Weezer’s new upcoming album “Everything Will Be Alright In The End” out on 09/30, the group teases us with a new song. It may not be as emotional as Pinkerton, but it doesn’t sound as lyric less as Hurley. Can’t wait for this drop.

Big Ol Dump Today: Danny Brown, Sia, R. Kelly, Michael Jackson, Iggy Azalea, Metallica, and more


The Hood Internet – Billie “Wildcat” Jean (Michael Jackson x Ratatat)

IGGY vs. BIGGIE (feat. Ariana Grande, Gramatik & DJ Snake) – Mashup

R Kelly – Ignition (MopTop Remix)

The Weeknd – Often (Goshfather & Jinco Remix)

Sia – Chandelier (Chloe Martini Remix)

Sad But Superstitious (Metallica + Stevie Wonder)

PARTYNEXTDOOR ~ Recognize Feat. Drake

Cash Cash – Take Me Home ft. Bebe Rexha (REVOKE Remix)

MAINLAND – West Coast (Coconut Records Cover)

Danny Brown – Smokin & Drinkin (DJ Sliink Remix)

Gwilym Gold – Muscle

Weird Al Brings The Mandatory Fun With His Tacky Video Of Pharrell’s Happy And Blurred Lines With Word Crimes, I’m So Happy


So, yesterday, Weird Al started his #8videdos8days project. So, with today being day two, I have two of his videos to share. Both videos are off his newest album Mandatory Fun which is out today.

The first video, Tacky is a parody of Pharrell’s Happy and stars Aisha Tyler, Margaret Cho, Eric Stonestreet, Kristen Schaal and Jack Black dancing around similarly to the Happy video.

The second video is Al’s take on of Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.
See if you can find Trogdor in there.

I would write more, but I’m already late picking my wife up. Please excuse me.

G-Eazy – 1Xtra World Cup Freestyle

tony hale:

This Is Why I Love G-Eazy!

Originally posted on Urban Stylz's Blog:

G-Eazy just recently celebrated reaching number 3 in the Billboard charts with his album ‘These Things Happen’ and begins his UK promo campaign by dropping some bars for 1Xtra’s ‘World Cup Freestyle’ series with Dj Semtex.

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Dump Time! G-Eazy, Jucy J, Rusko, And More!


For my main Memphis man Mr. Keith, i start today’s dump with Jucy J’s remix of Drake’s 0 to 100.

With Rusko’s new album coming July 29th, he released Sunshower a couple of weeks ago. Sorry for the delay getting this gem to ya.

This next song from Apashe was new to me too. Have not heard of him, Panther, or Odalisk, but was pleasantly surprised by the raw aggressiveness of the song. Reminds me of some new grime style.

Play-n-Skillz co-remix Dorrough’s La, La, La

Gonna leave you with my favourite song from the dump, new artist Parker Ighile’s song This Is America (feat. G-Eazy). Absolutely amazing track. I’m thinking about starting a new post series where I introduce new artists emerging on the scene, and Parker would be my first artist.

So Here’s An Awesome Video For Alison Wonderland’s I Want You


Stumbled across this gem this morning. I know this is gonna be a hit with my wife. I think the song is bad ass, but she’s gonna love the Exorcist themes. Alison’s an emerging producer and DJ hailing from Sydney, Australia who’s gaining attention for her unique productions. The song is co-produced with Mad Decent / Team Supreme producer Djemba Djemba.

Alt-J likes to tease us with new music


One of my favourite bands has decided to begin releasing some new material in anticipation of an upcoming album. It’s nice to see the band is still taking their music to adventuresome areas. I enjoy and hope you do as well. And if you listen closely on Hunger of the Pine, that is Miley Cyrus looped singing “I’m a female rebel” from her song “4×4.” Two years without new music from these guys has been too long.


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