If I Could Share Only One Song, I Would Let Everyone Know About Fly By Raury


Raury wrote Fly right after hearing that Darren Wilson was not being indicted for murdering Mike Brown.

Try Not To Tear Up Watching Hollywood Anderson’s Original Audition Song For American Idol


I’ve watched American Idol for only two seasons (somewhere around seasons 4 & 5). I got sucked in during it’s prime, then got bored the next year, and haven’t watched it sense. But, I stumbled across this audition from one of the episodes this season and was just blown away like the judges. Not gonna lie, I teared up. This show always has those stories. And this is no exception. It was edited really well. Regardless, Mr. Anderson is going to get some traction from his appearance. The song was on point. And a little digging brought up his soundcloud page which had this song and others available for download. See what you think.

Fall Out Boy Brings The Funk Uptown With This Mark Ronson Cover


Patrick Stump is no stranger to covers or Hip Hop. Despite being the lead singer of the pop punk band Fall Out Boy, he has always held his own on with different genres. But the whole band stopped by BBC Radio 1‘s Live Lounge and gave the world a wicked cover of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk. They brought their style while at the same time keeping the elements that make the original song such a hit. See what you think.

Let’s Begin Again With Purity Ring


What a year it’s gonna be! Purity Ring has announced their new album Another Eternity is due out March 3rd. Having already released Push Pull earlier, the announcement was made with the release of another song: Begin Again.

I SO can not wait for this album. Below is the trackless for the album. And who knows, maybe we’ll get another Danny Brown remix too?


01 “Heartsigh”
02 “Bodyache”
03 “Push Pull”
04 “Repetition”
05 “Stranger Than Earth”
06 “Begin Again”
07 “Dust Hymn”
08 “Flood On The Floor”
09 “Sea Castle”
10 “Stillness In Woe”

Holy Crap! The Official House Of Cards Season 3 Trailer Is Up Now.

If you didn’t want to watch House of Cards before, I bet you can’t wait now. The music is so fitting. They actually dug deep to get that one. It’s from the band A Perfect Circle titled Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums off their Emotive album. Pretty crazy stuff. Can’t wait for February 27th’s binge day!

Stop Everything You’re Doing Right Now And Download Marc Goone’s New Album The Scrumple King


Well January 12th is upon us and that means the wait for Marc Goone’s new album is up. Posted just 18 hours ago to Soundcloud, you guys can be one of the first to listen to it. Then, you can be one of the first to download it too. Then you can let everyone know, you knew about Marc before he blew up, which IS inevitable. This guy has been one of my favorites for some time now and will definitely be one to watch this year. Maybe this week I’ll do one of my top 10 favourite Marc Goone songs.


Ellie Goulding And I Feel That This Is The Year For Years & Years

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 5.24.03 PM

Sia’s Releases Chandelier 2 Video With Maddie Ziegler And Shia LaBeouf


Okay, so it’s not Chandelier 2 but Sia’s new video Elastic Heart does have Maddie Ziegler again and it does have Shia LaBeouf. It’s still a great song and great video. See what you think.

Timeflies takes on the overplayed CoCo for Christmas

Just in time for Christmas the boys from Timeflies deliver with another holiday classic that even the kids will love

With The Podcast SERIAL Over, Biggie Smalls Is Here With Life After Serial

If you’re like me and think the song on the podcast SERIAL is amazing, you’re in for a huge surprise.


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