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Music In Response To Michael Brown’s Death In Ferguson, Missouri

Over the last week numerous artists have stepped up to their craft to share their feelings and insights in response to the untimely death of unarmed 18 year old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. on August 9th by an officer of the law. Here are their words and music followed by other’s Response via other social media outlets

J Cole
There was a time in my life when I gave a fuck. Every chance I got I was screaming about it. I was younger. It’s so easy to try to save the world when you’re in college. You got nothing but time and no responsibility. But soon life hits you. No more dorms, no more meal plan, no more refund check. Nigga need a job. Nigga got rent. Got car note. Cable bill. Girlfriend moves in and becomes wife. Baby on the way. Career advances. Instagram is poppin. Lebron leaves Miami. LIFE HITS. We become distracted. We become numb. I became numb. But not anymore. That coulda been me, easily. It could have been my best friend. I’m tired of being desensitized to the murder of black men. I don’t give a fuck if it’s by police or peers. This shit is not normal.

I made a song. This is how we feel.
– Cole

Elle Varner


B.o.B tweeted earlier in the week before deleting them and posting New Black.


Our new track “Knees On The Ground” might benefit from an explanation. This is the most unguarded I ever intend to be when writing about Clipping.

What had happened was this: our very brief UK/Europe trip got called-off the day before we were supposed to get on a plane to London. Since we didn’t have any other plans, we met up in the studio with an idea to crank out a new track. On our list of songs to finish was one particular piece aimed directly at the club (or, at least, our twisted idea of what clubs should play). But none of us were in the mood for it. Each of us had spent the previous several days following the news of protests in Ferguson, MO. It was the only thing on our minds. We couldn’t bring ourselves to think about anything else, so we decided to direct our fear, our revulsion, our heartbreak into a new track.

The problem was that we’d defined our band — in interviews and to each other — as decidedly-not-an-activist-project. Diggs’s lyrics have been criticized for seeming apolitical, at least in comparison to what many listeners (perhaps rightly) expect to hear from an ‘experimental’ rap group. I have many times said (perhaps naïvely) that our politics lie in our structures, in our formal engagement with the rap genre. We love its conventions, its clichés, and we’re not above them. We see our participation in rap as something resembling an old punk flyer — an out-of-context collage of charged images with an fractured, contradictory, multiple point-of-view. I hope that our more dedicated listeners hear this and understand that we’re not interested in spoon-feeding them a position. At the same time, I’ve always assumed that they pretty much agree with us on most issues anyway. (We have yet to meet the misogynist, homophobic, white supremacist Clipping fan with an MBA and an NRA mebership).

So what do we do when all we can think about, all we can feel, is a profound injustice — yet another young unarmed person of color is murdered by a police officer? How does a band, which overtly rejects affect and the emotions, address something that is, for its authors, a deeply felt, deeply affecting topic? Well, we don’t entirely know. But the fact is: there’s more truth in Diggs’s lyrics than we generally let on. “Inside Out” describes a drive-by shooting in Oakland, “Chain” is about three stick-ups. They are presented with a lot of detail and specificity (perhaps the result of personal experience). But at the same time, they represent archetypal scenarios within rap music. One trope we had yet to explore as Clipping was the anti-police rap — the lineage of Public Enemy, NWA and Paris, straight through The Coup, and all the way into the ‘stop snitching’ panic of the early 2000s. “Knees On The Ground” is a paradigmatic white-cop-kills-an-unarmed-black-kid-and-gets-away-with-it tale — a story that happens all the fucking time in the US. What we have learned — from our first hand experience in Oakland in 2009, and from the media coverage of Ferguson in 2014 — is that the second part of this story involves a police response better suited to a war zone than to an American city. Cops think they’re playing Call Of Duty when they’re supposed to be part of a community. If Ferguson were in Iraq, Obama would have sent in an airstrike already.

This is the least obtuse Diggs’s lyrics will ever get. We’re embarrassed by the timeliness of this track. We do not intend to capitalize on what is, undoubtedly, a terrible tragedy. But journalists make think-pieces and we make songs. Writers write what they know, and this is what we know right fucking now.

— William Hutson, Clipping.

Lauren Hill
An old sketch of Black Rage, done in my living room. Strange, the course of things. Peace for MO. – MLH

— Ms. Lauryn Hill (@MsLaurynHill) August 21, 2014

Look at us….America has created a monster. The result of ignoring & mishandling an already fragile spirited, recently enslaved, presently oppressed race/generation of people. Look at us. We’re the monster that now refuses to be dismissed, overlooked and ignored. We were brought to this place, unaware of our own cultures, religion & traditions therefore, we created our own. Now look at us.
For years we’ve been crying out for the nation to address the substandard education systems & disparaging treatment of our citizens in communities across America. Our people have had an increasing lack of opportunities for generations. There have been homes broken, lives shattered and futures lost on your watch….unanswered. Look at us. How long can u expect a nation/race/generation of people to be blatantly disrespected? Spoken to and treated with arrogant tones of insignificance. Our fathers, uncles, brothers and role models were killed and imprisoned more often than educated. Now look at us. Our friends and relatives murdered and cast aside without thought, as though your human life is more valuable than ours. How long can that go on without consequence? Now Look at us.
How long can u continue to pass the buck & make excuses of why u can’t do today what should have been done yeste-year? Although I DO NOT support the negative responses & actions of my people in light of dis tragedy….I WILL NOT condone your lack of effort to show any urgency to improve the treatment of our people, nor the living conditions in our communities. Your refusal to address these life altering issues makes events such as these seem inevitable. Although I too am at fault to a degree and I admit that I may not have all da answers… I do have a fun fact for you. Insanity is…Going about things the same way, expecting a different result. U wanna different result? U must take different action. What else do u expect? Look at us!!!
Clifford “T.I.” Harris

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Earl Sweatshirt of OFWGKTA Thinks Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off Video Is “Inherently Offensive”


With Taylor Swift releasing her latest song and video for Shake It Off yesterday, many people watched it. And many people had an opinion. Despite the fact Taylor is parting ways with labeling her music country in leu of pop, the response to her video was mixed bag. This is what Earl Sweatshirt had to say:




So what do you think?
hit the jump to view the video.

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Dump Time: The Muppets, Ariana Grande, Payton Manning, Calvin Harris, And More In This Odd Group


Beastie Boys | So What’cha Want | Muppets Version
Who knew Disney would have the muppets cover the Beastie Boys’ So Wat’cha Want? This, this is the must watch today!!

Maroon 5 – Maps REMIX Big Sean
This little gem posted three hours ago. But not sure his verse adds to the song as a whole. It’s good. It’s just starts then gone! I was like come back. Bujt, noooo.

Calvin Harris – Summer (Mike Stud Remix)
Mike takes one of the most overplayed songs of the summer and reworks it Stud style.

Benny Benassi feat. Serj Tankian – Shooting Helicopters (Teaser)
This was a doozie! Not expecting this at all and can not wait for the actual song to drop soon. Quite the must listen.

Best Mistake – Ariana Grande Feat Big Sean
With Ariana over saturating the radio right now, it is nice to hear anything else she might have. My oldest daughter likes her, so leave me alone.

Vic Mensa – Wimme Nah (Prod. By Kaytranada)
I’ve always been a fan of Vic Mensa. If you haven’t heard of his group back in high school called Kids These Days, I highly recommend them. One of the albums I still go back and listen to. And if you haven’t heard about how wicked his performance was last weekend at Lollapalooza last weekend, you better ask someone.

Taylor Bennett – HATIN’ (Prod. Pharaoh El)
Chance The Rapper’s 18 year old brother showing that talent runs deep in this family.

Fantasy Football Fantasy – A Manning Brothers Music Video
Quite the ad for DIRECTV’s new, exclusive Fantasy Zone Channel. hilarious.

To wrap everything up quick, here are three fun songs I liked today.

Brothers From Another – Blame It On My Youth

These guys are new to me. I stumbled across these college student/rappers by accident, but am really digging this summer vibe even though it’s almost over.

Birdy’s Skinny Love Is All Grown Up With Fareoh’s Remix

Jasmine van den Bogaerde was only 14 when she recorded a cover of Bon Iver’s Skinny Love in 2011 under the stage name Birdy. Now, 3 years later, Fareoh dusts off the amazing single and remixes the living (what ever four letter explicative you want to add) out of it. Though it doesn’t top the simplicity and beauty of the original cover, it does give the song an updated feel. See what you think.

Professor Macklemore Wants You To Open Your Eyes To Fences’ Arrows Video


So, I’ve slept on this amazing video for a couple of days now. But no longer! Here is Fences’ ARROWS video featuring Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis. It is just as visually amazing as all of Macklemore’s previous videos. There has got to be something in the water up there in Seattle right now because a lot of talent is oozing out.

This isn’t the first time Christopher Mansfield has worked with Professor Macklemore. The two collaborated on The remix for Otherside back in 2010 that was an amazing song within itself.

Star Lord Sings Forgot About Dre

While promoting ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ on a radio station , star Chris Pratt spoke how he knew every Eminem song. The MC requested he sing Forgot About Dre, and Pratt nailed it!

This also after Groot sang Sam Smith’s Stay With Me earlier this week.

Now What can Cooper sing….

Dump Time: (Wife Edition) Jason Derulo, Iggy Azalea, Lady GaGa, Snoop Dogg, And More


Jason Derulo & Snoop Dogg – Wiggle (TWRK Remix)
This is one of Lola’s favorite songs right now. My wife constantly plays it for the girls to dance to. I typically can’t stand it, but TWRK make this official remix bearable.

Jon Bellion – Munny Right
Jon Bellion is new to me. He’s the same guy that helped write the chorus for Eminem and Rihanna’s The Monster. Here’s his latest where he paints a great narrative. I look forward to seeing more from this guy. He has a couple of things out already: Translation Through Speakers project, and the more recent The Separation. I know I’ll be checking more of this guy out. Not sure my wife’ll be a fan though. Who cares, I like it.

Iggy Azalea Feat. Rita Ora – Black Widow (Justin Prime Remix)[Radio Edit]
With Iggy blowing up right now in the states, this is the perfect song to enjoy her. My wife talks abourt Fancy almost everyday. The music video for Black Widow is set to be released soon too.

THE HEYDAZE – Arnold Palmer
Now this is what summertime music should sound like! Makes me want to grab the old wife, a couple of chairs, and a couple of drinks to just sit and relax to enjoy what’s left of this summer.

Blackbear – Weak When Ur Around
Just a sexy smooth love story that I dedicate to my wife. Pretty much us, except for the selling drugs part.

DeeJay Trademark – Moving On (Kelly Clarkson X Audien)
A little blast from the past mashed up into something new and fun for Friday nights! Wife and I started watching American Idol after three or four seasons because we thought we might have missed something. But after watching a season and half of a second, we realized we were wrong. We haven’t watched any since.

Varien! – Gunmetal Black
I have a feeling some of you guys are looking to finish an action asian move but can’t quite find the right song? Well, look no fur than than this epic metal, dub step, oriental, masterpiece. You won’t be disappointed. I guarantee it.

Forgot that last one. Wife, wife, wife

Ánders – I Wish (You Were Mine) – Official Music Video
Swiss-Australian folk vocalist Ánders creates a possible movement with his emotional I Wish (You Were Mine). I’m sure everyone’s been in this situation where they’ve wanted someone else for sometime and don’t always risk letting them know. I know I’m glad I risked it for my wife of almost 10 years now. What about you?

Timeflies Tuesday – Rude
Back with the latest in their Timeflies series taking on one of biggest songs currently on the radio, MAGIC!‘s Rude. Wife really likes this group, but not as much as I do. She didn’t think seeing them 2 years ago in Madison, Wisconsin on Valentines day was as good an idea as I did.

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga – Anything Goes
The duet that nobody thought was for real has finally happened. What I imagine happened was: On the set of a muppets movie which both GaGa and Bennett were a part of, one of the puppeteers made a sly comment about the two getting a room. Well, the two actually did get a room. And once in the said room, Lady Gaga asked Tony, “what do you want to do?” Mr. Bennett responded with, “anything goes.” And GaGa said, “yeah, anything goes….wanna write a song?” And the rest is history. P.S. My wife loves the old standards so she’s gonna love this song.

DYLAN ANDRE – Rap God (Eminem Acoustic Cover)
My wife thinks Eminem is….eeh. Maybe this will change her mind? Probably not. But it’s sit;; impressive

Top 10 List: Timeflies

Checking my iTunes date added on Timeflies songs shows I’ve been an avid listener since Februrary 20, 2011. I was introduced to them through a song they did with Loggy titled Teenage Dreams. Since then, it’s been an amazing ride. Timeflies Tuesday became on of the highlights of my week where Rapper Cal Shapiro would freestyle over a beat that producer Rob Resnick would create by remixing songs that were popular at the time. Some of their earlier videos walk you through the process of Rez writing out the things for Cal to freestyle about and they always had a theme which made it fun. Since the duo’s start in late 2010, they have released three albums as of yet : The Scotch Tape, Under The Influence, and After Hours. Their youtube page has over 190 videos that they’ve released over the last four years including not just their Timeflies Tuesday freestyles but their official releases as well. This is a group I’ve watched for a while now and still get excited for Tuesday when they have new stuff up. I like their album releases, but it’s truly the production of Rez that steals the show for me as his Timeflies Tuesday remixes seem to allow him more creative control than someway his official releases do.

Here is my top 10 Timeflies songs
3-Game of Thrones
4-Under The Sea
5-Party In The U.S.A
8-Let It Snow
10-Wayward Son

Be sure to hit the jump to watch the last 8 videos.

iTribute (Uploaded on Oct 11, 2011)

D’oh (Uploaded on Oct 18, 2011)

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